14 Easy Makeup Tools

Working with a wrong tool can portray a professional as an amateur. Do you want that great makeup look but you don’t know the right and good makeup tools to use? Or have you been using lesser quality tools thereby making your makeup less beautiful? Sugarfash understands how frustrating it can be to see your makeup looking all bad despite the hours spent applying it and have therefore sourced for these quality yet inexpensive tools to help take your skills to another level. All you need is invest in quality makeup tools from trusted manufacturers and look stunning without breaking a bank.

Moira Apple Of My Eye Palette

Moira Garden of My Mind Palette

Be the belle of any ball with the head-turning nature-inspired hues of our Moira Apple Of My Eye Palette, so you can create looks that range from cute to sultry or Get creative and inspired with neons, purples, greens, and yellows for playtime with your daughter or niece — or go extra for your own fun girls’ night out with Moira Garden of My Mind Palette that gets you goin’ with color that’s expressive, rich, and alluring.

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Moira Big Fan Brush

Get the right glow and contour with the right tool and feel like a pro in front of the mirror with our professional brush— the Moira Big Fan Brush. Fluffy and light, get the performance you want to get the look you want.

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LED Hand Compact Mirror

Stay confident wherever and whenever you go! And do it with our LED hand compact mirror which you can take with you and keep in just about any bag. Regardless of where or how you’ve planned to spend your evening, you can look just as good, if not better, than when you were preparing for it. With the LED hand compact mirror, you can always look and feel like a million bucks. Perfect for on-the-go touch-ups.

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Lay-n-Go 20” COSMO Cosmetic Bag

Lay-n-Go 20” COSMO Cosmetic Bag

Tight on space but need all your beauty essentials? Girl, we’ve got you — just store and tie with our easy Lay-n-Go 20” COSMO Cosmetic Bag, for a compact, drawstring-powered beauty bag.

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Moira Fiery Lover Dual Blusher

Add a pop of passionate color to your cheeks with the Moira Fiery Lover Dual Blusher. Enjoy two blush shades that work individually or wonderfully alone for cute, highly-pigmented color.

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Moira Concealer Brush

Get spot-on application on blemishes, problem areas, and under the eyes with the high-performance Moira Concealer Brush. Discover an absolute essential for flawless-looking skin.

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Moira Defined Crease Brush

Captivate any room and space with a smokey or flowery look (the choice is yours). Let our Moira Defined Crease Brush give you the ultimate assist in creating everyday or special-occasion looks.

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Moira Precision Beauty Sponge

Get camera-ready with our versatile Moira Complexion Beauty Sponge that works for foundation, concealer, powder, blush, and more — for all your makeup needs. Work it on all cream, liquid, and powder formulations for a versatile tool that can’t be beat.

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Moira Round Blender Brush

No harsh lines (just evenly-blended color) From eye shadow to bronzer and blush, get ultimate blending performance with the Moira Round Blender Brush.

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Moira The Best Lavender Setting Spray

Whether you need to prime or prep skin or set and refresh your makeup, Moira The Best Lavender Setting Spray is at the ready to get your face lookin’ flawless and ready to face the day (or cameras).

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Moira Complete Facial Primer

Get your game face on. Create the ideal canvas for foundation, concealer, and more with the Moira Complete Facial Primer. Let your makeup look better (and last longer) with the right base!

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Moira Sky Blue Glow Getter Hydrating Lip Oil

Hate how some lip glosses leave a gummy texture to your lips? So do we — which is why we formulated our lip oil to be slick and smooth. Our doe-foot applicator makes swiping on and puckering up a breeze. No fussy roller ball that can get stuck. Top of your lipstick with a moisture-infused finish: say hello to the Moira Sky Blue Glow Getter Hydrating Lip Oil.

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