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Hey gadgets lovers, get yourself the best gadgets available. Our team has assembled some gadgets that will make your day to day activities easier. Shop the best ranging from Anti Blue Light Gaming Glasses to Integrated Handheld Mobile Game Controller that makes gaming experience worth it. The 360 Bicycle Phone Holder enables you to clip your phone to your bike to avoid distraction for maximum concentration and with 360-degree rotation, you can angle your phone any way without restriction while the Anti-Lost Smart Bluetooth Tracker helps you track your any missing object.

Anti-Lost Smart Bluetooth Tracker

Anti-Lost Smart Bluetooth Tracker

 If you can put a tag on it, you can find it. Our Anti-Lost Smart Bluetooth Tracker helps you locate your wallet, car key, collar of your pet, backpack, and even TV remote — so you can always find your essentials (without turning the house inside out).

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Integrated Handheld Mobile Game Controller

Integrated Handheld Mobile Game Controller

Bid sore fingers and cramped hands adieu with this handheld controller reminiscent of those from game consoles. Our controller holds onto smartphones perfectly for elevated gameplay like never before. With two clip-on triggers at the top and a mechanical button made of conductive silicone and zinc alloy to stick onto your screen, fire away in any mobile shooter game with greater ease.

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Anti-Blue Light Gaming Glasses

Anti-Blue Light Gaming Glasses

Want to look booksmart and be proactive about your eye health? Start by blocking harmful blue light from your laptop and devices — all while donning a sleek, modern look with our Anti-Blue Light Gaming Glasses. Whether you’re battling it up with friends on a multiplayer game or winding down with a movie on your computer, our glasses have you shielded from blue light for less eye fatigue and strain.

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360° Bicycle Phone Holder

Fumbling behind the wheel? Not cool. You could get into an accident. So put the phone down — but keep it secure and steady as you bike your way to your destination. No more serious text-and-bike accidents or “oh crap, I dropped my phone” moments!

Learn more about 360° Bicycle Phone Holder here

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