Best Skin Care Products For All Skin Types

Having a perfect spotless smooth skin like that of a day old baby is everyone’s fantasy. In ensuring this fantasy becomes your reality, we have carefully selected these skin care products. Let your skin speak that beauty language you’ve always wanted.

Vacuum Callus Remover

Experience powerful, safe, mess-free callus removal from wherever you are, without having to step inside a spa. Our Vacuum Callus Remover utilizes a micro-abrasion head that rotates 2000 rpm for high power and maximum comfort for silky-smooth skin feet in one luxurious yet easy-to-use machine.

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Ultra-Hydrating Moisturizing Balm

Yes men, a well-groomed face is a good face (your best face) to put forward. The Lumin Ultra-Hydrating Moisturizing Balm fights dryness and dullness for a fresh look. Ingredients like meadowfoam seed oil and apple extract balance oil production and amp up anti-aging while fighting sun damage. Fight back to look your absolute best.

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After Hours Recovery Oil

Get intense about moisture and fighting fatigue with the clever Lumin After Hours Recovery Oil. Discover our powerhouse duo of argan and squalene oil, for skin-repairing magic.

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Rose & Ivy Body Scrub

From arms to legs and décolletage, scrub away dead skin for fresher, more vibrant skin with our Rose & Ivy Body Scrub. Weekly use of our Rose & Ivy Body Scrub helps maintain silky skin all over that in turn, better absorbs moisturizers. Make any bath or shower session a spa session with this luxe treat!

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Reload Exfoliating Rub

It’s all in one powerful yet gentle scrub. The Lumin Reload Exfoliating Rub helps rid your face of dead skin and pore-clogging grime and buildup in a lush, rejuvenating scrub that leaves your face smooth and glowing.

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Ocean Spray Salt Scrub & Wash

Wash the day away while ridding yourself of dead skin and grime with the Ocean Spray Salt Scrub & Wash from Bella & Bear. Heal and clean with the natural anti-bacterial and healing properties of sea salt in this wondrous in-shower scrub. Turn any ordinary shower or bath session into a spa session!

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Anti-Wrinkle Defense Serum

Reverse early signs of aging and sun damage with the Lumin Anti-Wrinkle Defense Serum. Loaded with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and pomegranate extract, harness the power of antioxidants and moisture-plumping goodness to smoothes lines and reduce signs of too much fun in the sun.

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Moira Hemp Seed Aloe Vera Moisturizing Cream

Moisturise and calm skin with the Moira Hemp Seed Aloe Vera Moisturizing Cream. Aloe vera, cannabis sativa hemp seed oil, and green tea come together to nix discomfort and irritation for a calmer visage while providing deep moisture for smooth, hydrated skin.

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Géran Mediterranean Skin Hydrator

Got thirsty or dry skin? Spritz up with the Géran Mediterranean Skin Hydrator. Experience the rich hydration and skin-balancing effect of natural water from the geranium flower. Reduce redness and irritation with this soothing face mist. The natural healing power of geranium makes this great for any skin type.

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Fizzy Clementine Shower and Bath Jelly

Our Fizzy Clementine Shower and Bath Jelly nourishes with vitamins and minerals. Discover the power of seaweed extract and the zesty smell of clementines for an invigorating clean. Freeze our bath jelly for a cooling treat or wake-me-up, or just take with you on the go on vacations or spa days with a girlfriend.

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Moira Cica Panthenol Calming Serum

Give any stressed or irritated complexion a boost of calm with the Moira Cica Panthenol Calming Serum. Strengthen the skin barrier while nixing redness and irritation with one powerful skincare must-have.

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Pink Cherry Whipped Bath Soap & Shave Cream

Get moisturizing support that fights against nicks and washes off grime with our Pink Cherry Whipped Bath Soap & Shave Cream. Smell great and experience smoother, fuzz-free skin today. You don’t need both a shaving cream and body wash anymore — this cream combines both in one.

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Love Flutter Body Butter

Get nourishing moisture from head to toe with our Love Flutter Body Butter, formulated for rich hydration and smelling great all day long. Feel good with our good-for-you ingredients. Use our Love Flutter Body Butter anytime for a serious dose of hydration to keep skin soft and supple. Ashy elbows and knees? Not here.

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The Tropics Facial Mask

Love to treat yourself? Face looking dull or rough? Smooth it out with this refreshing, spa-like face mask and get away with the smell of mango and pineapple (but no suitcase or two-piece required) — our The Tropics Facial Mask takes you away on a one-way trip to bright, smooth skin. Use once a week for a great pick-me-up.

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