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Kids love to play games and can spend hours on their games and sometimes forget to do their school work. Ho hooo! We all have that one kid who just wants to be left alone with their game. No qualms, we got them! Let’s get them interactive and educative games that will broaden their horizons while also keeping them entertained. As always, Sugarfash team have carefully sourced for these amazing games to give your kids the best experience.

Counting Chameleon Puzzle. Bilingual!

Meet the chameleon that’s just too cool and colorful to camouflage! The Counting Chameleon Puzzle from BeginAgain for toddlers is a rainbow of counting fun that teaches more than what meets the eye. The beautifully crafted pieces are perfect for little ones working on developing fine motor skills. It’s a toy to help encourage imagination and creativity!

Learn more about Counting Chameleon Puzzle. Bilingual! here

Fox Vs. Chickens Double Game Set

Fox vs. Chickens is a great double game pack for road trips, family vacations, or just good old-fashioned gameplay at home. Kids love to play tic-tac-toe, and with this game set we’ve also included a simple yet fun game called Farm Chase. Foxes are put on the top of the board and chickens are in the bottom; a chicken moves first to an open spot on the board. Players take turns moving to the open spot until one player cannot make a move

Learn more about Fox Vs. Chickens Double Game Set here

TicBugToe. Travel Tic-Tac-Toe Game!

The delightful insects of TicBugToe provide an adorable twist to the traditional tic-tac-toe game! While an easy game to play, it is perfect for teaching early strategy and sportsmanship skills all while having fun on the go! Problem solving, storytelling, and curiosity are the tools kids need. Add some imagination and your child is ready for their first STEAM learn and play toy!

Learn more about TicBugToe. Travel Tic-Tac-Toe Game here

Penny Block: 10 Block Set

This 10-piece block sharpens your kid’s skills, and the eco-minded parents are sure to love it. What we have here is a great first block set that allows kids to build, stack, grab, and eventually learn colors and numbers. This playset is intended for kids aged 1 and up.

Learn more about Penny Block 10 Block Set here

Butterfly A to Z Puzzle

Letters come colorfully alive with Butterfly A to Z Puzzle game for toddlers by BeginAgain! Each wooden puzzle piece is a part of the complete alphabet in the shape of a butterfly, with a lowercase letter on one side, and the uppercase one on the other. It’s nothing but high-flying fun with this ABC puzzle! Learning the alphabet gets so easy!

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Gear Stacker: Multilingual Stacking Puzzle

The Gear Stacker from BeginAgain features six colorful, wooden gears of varying sizes that fit together as a flat puzzle, but can also be stacked to make sculptural towers. Your child will have hours of gear fun, stacking these rings up from large to small and from small to large. This toy packs in added fun because the gears can stack on end,too! Intended or ages 2 and up.

Learn more about Gear Stacker: Multilingual Stacking Puzzle here

Safari Bowl. Bowling Game for 2+!

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall… remove a brick, but don’t let him fall! The Don’t Dump Dumpty Game is a versatile counting and math game that comes with ideas and rules for so many ways to play. Stack the bricks to create a wall, set Dumpty on top, and take turns removing bricks, but don’t let him crack apart! Can be played alone, in pairs, or with teams. The Safari Bowl is the perfect first bowling set for any little one. It helps to develop hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills.

Learn more about Safari Bowl. Bowling Game for 2+ here

Balance Boat Shapes and Colors

Let babies and toddlers sail away on the seas of fun-filled learning, with BeginAgain Balance Boat Shapes and Colors! This chunky wooden puzzle combines educational play – dealing with colors and shapes – with fun balance gameplay. This fantastic balancing puzzle game helps little ones learn colors and shapes, develop motor skills, and understand spatial relationships in a fun and educational way.

Learn more about Balance Boat Shapes and Colors here

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