Essential Oils: A Must Have For Everyone

Let’s talk about essential oils and their amazing works. Beyond beauty purpose, essential oils have proven to have multiple purposes. Ranging from its soothing effects to purifying the air. Essential oils reduce bacteria and protect from harmful emissions. They can also be used to keep your car interior and your home clean and smelling great. This is a must have for everyone. Shop your favourite now at discounted prices!

Sweet Orange Essential Oil

This Sweet Orange Essential Oil, made of high-quality materials only, is manufactured in the United States of America. It comes in an easy to use 15 ml amber glass bottle. Sweet orange is known for its ability to calm digestive distress. Additionally, this sweet citrus is great for blending and adding energy to any space.

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Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Fill your car’s interior with your favorite fragrances and protect yourself from harmful emissions we have to breathe in while inside the car. Eucalyptus, meantime, helps with mental focus and provides joints & muscles support that is important for everyone, both car drivers and passengers. Have a good trip with Eucalyptus Essential Oil!

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Tea Tree Essential Oil (1oz)

Meet our new, multifunctional, antifungal 100% Pure Tea Tree Essential Oil: a germicide, disinfectant, degreaser, insect repellant, mold and dust mite killer. Tea Tree Essential Oil can help you boost your cleaning by adding a few drops in moldy areas like bathrooms.

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Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

Why would a car owner pay special attention to essential oils, you might be wondering? It’s all because they serve multiple purposes! They don’t only smell good, but also keep the car interior clean, purify the air, reduce bacteria and viruses, and protect us from harmful emissions we breathe in.

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Spearmint Essential Oil

Don’t worry: Spearmint Essential Oil is absolutely safe for people of any age! It helps with stress reduction and soothes headaches significantly. It’s GC/MS tested.

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Rainy Days Essential Oil Blend

Are you looking for an essential oil that won’t only bring your favorite flavors, but also ensure a curative effect? If so, Rainy Days essential oil blend is exactly what you need! Orange essence, copaiba oleoresin, lemon, fir needle, amyris, ho wood, and coriander combine to make a blend reminiscent of spring days and gentle warm rain showers.

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Citrus Essential Oil Blend

Do you wish to fill your life with your favorite flavors? If so, this is a high time to experience the lush,
ripe aroma of a citrus grove warmed by the sun. Are you tired of the bustle of your city and things like that? This uplifting, calming and refreshing blend will transport you straight
to the citrus grove for spring picking.

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Travel Essential Oil Blend

Are you eager to fill your journey with your favorite flavors? Say no more! Be ready for your next road trip with our Travel Essential Oil Blend. This travel essential oil blend is created not only to please your receptors. Steam distilled ginger and spearmint help to soothe the occasional stomach upset due to motion sickness.

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