Hey Bowl Lovers, let’s Get These Fantastic Bowls on the Table!

It’s one thing to have a bowl and it’s another thing to have a great bowl that will wow anyone. You know that feeling when visitors say “your bowl is beautiful, can I have it please?” Or when they can’t but stare at it twice. Yeah, that’s the feeling you get with these amazing bowls right here. Moreover, your delicacies appear more unique when served with a beautiful bowl. It adds more colour, beauty and elegance to your food.

Tien Bamboo Dining Bowl

Perfect for serving everything from individual salads to movie-night popcorn, this beautiful bowl is crafted from durable and attractive bamboo. It features an understated design with a neutral natural finish. The rich texture of the bamboo also pairs extremely well with various distressing practices that add warmth and character to the home. Fun and festive, these bamboo serveware bowls will be staying at the center of your parties for years to come.

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Khup Bamboo Serving Bowl

Handcrafted in Vietnam by skilled craftsmen, the Khup Small Bowl features a sustainable and minimalistic design that instantly adds elegance to any table setting. This bowl’s tradition-inspired shape is welcoming: a bowl your fruit or salad will be happy to rest in. Crafted from bamboo: this solid material grows quickly, stabilizes the soil, and converts CO2.

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5.4 Fl oz Thermo Bowl

Add a touch of leisure lifestyle to your dinner table with this double wall clear glass tea bowl. This 5.4 Fl oz Thermo Bowl by WILMAX is perfect for holding hot or cold beverages, and even miniature dishes such as desserts. Made from a high-temperature and shock-resistant borosilicate glass, the Thermo Glass collection has excellent quality which ensures great usability.

Learn more about 5.4 Fl oz Thermo Bowl here

Soai Bamboo Serving Bowl

This large asymmetrical, graceful, and slender dish gets its shape from mango. As elegant for bread as for a salad or a hot dish, Soai can also be used as a fruits bowl. Its shape is very convenient thanks to its spout side. Indoors or out, this chick matte colored bamboo serving bowl offers streamlined style and versatility.

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8″ Diameter Acacia Round Plate / Platter

Whether serving hors d’oeuvres during dinner parties or fixing yourself a little cheese and crackers platter for a midnight snack, this wood platter is a must-have for your kitchenware collection. Crafted from solid acacia wood, each piece features a brown coloring and strikes a round-shaped silhouette.

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6.5″ Fine Porcelain Bowl

Enhance the beauty of your dining table with this 6.5″ Fine Porcelain Bowl. This elegant white bowl goes well with both vibrant and neutral decor, and its intricate detailing lends naturalistic flair to your tablespace. Rely on the porcelain material to retain strength and beauty for years to come.

Learn more about 6.5″ Fine Porcelain Bowl here

Coconut Bowls – Natural Finish

We are delighted to offer you our beautiful, all natural coconut serving bowls.
These artisanal coconut shell bowls are ideal for salads, smoothies, buddha bowls, and cereal.
Each bowl has a unique natural pattern and makes a wonderful addition to your dinnerware sets
or picnic baskets.

Learn more about Coconut Bowls – Natural Finish here

Individual Salad Bowl x 4

This gorgeous acacia wood set of 4 individual salad bowls are designed to beautifully coordinate with larger bowls and servers. They make a perfect addition to your table.
Use them to serve everything from starter salads to desserts and side dishes. Sustainable and hard-wearing, these bowls will make you feel much more enthusiastic about your meals!

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3.5″ Divided Soy Dish

Lend a relishing presentation of your favorite snacks with this WILMAX divided soy dish which will instantly grace your table with numerous food options. Whether it is the home bar or the hotel bar, this round shaped dish comes in handy if you serve to impress.

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La Petite Bamboo Bowl

Is it time to start your baby on solid foods? Avanchy’s La Petite Bamboo Bowl says “Oui!” This little bowl is just the right size for prepping in and feeding from. Serve up first-stage foods in an eco-friendly style. Sustainable bamboo not only looks great and feels good, but also lasts a lifetime with proper care. Not to mention that bamboo is super safe! So, put down the bottle and pick up this trusty bamboo baby bowl by La Petite.

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3 Pieces Ramekin Set

The recipe for a great dish starts, surprisingly, with a great dish! These ramekins prove that when it comes to food preparation. Few things are more convenient than baking and serving in one dish. With its fluted exterior and ridged rim, this oven-to-table bakeware imparts a traditional elegance that is a perfect complement to any decor. Versatile yet stylish, our ramekins are simple… from start to finish!

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Savar Round Bowls – Set оf 3

Real talk: we could all use a little extra storage and organization. Cut the clutter in style with this 2-piece set of baskets! Designed to hold your must-haves while lending style to your ensemble, these Savar Round Bowls are made from organic woven seagrass. Their natural look is perfect for homes with a variety of aesthetics, from country cottages to traditional abodes.

Learn more about Savar Round Bowls – Set оf 3 here

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