Important Garden Accessories to Enhance Your Garden Look

Nothing as beautiful as a serene, well cultivated and organised garden. Either your garden is made up of flowers or vegetables, you need some handy tools to enable you give your garden the best dressing, look and treat and also make your job easier. These stylish and unique accessories right here will add ecstasy to your garden and give it that unique look. With some of these, you can have a garden of your dream, even right in your room, hollaaah!

Rectangular Blue Plant Mirror

Quite literally. Our Rectangular Blue Plant Mirror allows you to hook in a small plant or flower of your choice for a modern, edgy take on art and decor. The mirror shows your plant’s reflection for a journey of growth and love like never before. So let’s get modern and dynamic with design.

Learn more about Rectangular Blue Plant Mirror here

Kadam Plant Hanger

Say hello to a way to spruce up your planter with our Shuly Plant Hanger. Fancy floral-pattern ball charms adorn a hanging net, for a beautiful touch of old-world flair for decor and function in one. Wrap any ceramic or stone pot in it. From backyard to bedroom, add a knitted touch (as opposed to just an ordinary rope hanger). Fit in your favorite hanging planters with ease for allure.

Learn more about Kadam Plant Hanger here

Gold Hanging Semicircle Plant Holder

Let your plant take the spotlight! Hang up your favorite plant or billowing flower with our stunning Gold Hanging Semicircle Plant Holder. Gold-plated stainless steel provides a sturdy yet gorgeous housing unit for your decorative vision or idea. The lightweight look and feel of this planter takes a modern twist from the heavier, bulkier plant hangers out there.

Learn more about Gold Hanging Semicircle Plant Holder here

Medium Aluminum Foil Repair Tape (1.97inch)

Behold the super power of our ultra-versatile, do-it-all Aluminum Foil Repair Tape. No more pesky glues, industrial-grade cements, or anything messy. Discover one easy at-home product to handle cracks, leaks, and also help stick anything together whether for home renovations, school projects, or urgent repairs.

Learn more about Medium Aluminum Foil Repair Tape (1.97inch) here

DIY Path Maker Mold

Designed for garden lovers (and everyday people) who want to add character to their garden or patio, molding and creating one’s own walkway is freeing, expressive, and perfect for those with creative minds. Have a vision for that backyard or mini garden — but not the budget to hire a professional? Use this easy-to-use DIY Path Maker Mold and become your own landscaper.

Learn more about DIY Path Maker Mold here

Gray Hexagon Ceramic Planter

Get storage, style, and function with our Gray Hexagon Ceramic Planter. Keep everyday nicknacks, candles, or coins all securely stored; or, house some tiny cute plants. The possibilities are endless. From cacti to succulents, there’s a place for all. The natural ceramic stone build ensures excess water is absorbed naturally for better plant growth.

Learn more about Gray Hexagon Ceramic Planter here

Jhuri Double Hanging Basket

Jute and natural wood come together in this 100% natural, handcrafted Jhuri Double Hanging Basket that can hold plants, flowers, and knicknacks alike. From backyard to bedroom, there’s a home for this exquisite hanging basket. Fit in your favorite hanging plants or use it as a chic storage space for your hats and scarves.

Learn more about Jhuri Double Hanging Basket here

“Water Me” Herb Marker

Got too much green to cover? Keep track of your watering with our wooden “Water Me” Herb Marker. No more over-watering or forgetting to water a particular plant. Whether it’s someone with full-on greenthumb or someone with just a few plants around, this marker works as a great gift idea for any grown green of nature.

Learn more about “Water Me” Herb Marker here

Vegetable And Nail Brush

Get dirt marks and grime off carrots, potatoes, and even flowers with the soft bristles of our brush. Get dirt marks and grime off carrots, potatoes, and even flowers with the soft bristles of our brush.

Learn more about Vegetable And Nail Brush here

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