Got Pets? Get This Amazing Products Now!

Pets are lovely and caring but sometimes they want to have their moment without any human interference just like you want to have a moment alone without your pets ruining it. This is the time to show your pet some love by getting these beautiful products to keep them company while they also catch fun.

1. Electric Flea-Eliminating Comb

Experience an easy way to get rid of annoying fleas on your beloved pet with incredible ease. When medication doesn’t cut it, go in with our Electric Flea-Eliminating Comb to effectively kill pests that may be causing your pet discomfort. The last thing you want is for your pet to experience sharp pain during your grooming. That’s why our comb utilizes a gentle electric charge that your pet cannot feel — the charge kills fleas and eggs on contact, collecting ‘em onto the brush comb. Your pet will just feel as if you’re brushing his or her hair per usual.

Learn more about the Electric Flea-Eliminating Comb here.

2. Active Jumping Ball For Dogs

Want to surprise your pooch? Ordinary squeaky toys won’t do the trick. Old tennis balls won’t be that impressive. Change it up with something sensory and mobile: our Active Jumping Ball For Dogs is the perfect addition to your pet’s toy arsenal. A built-in motion-activated sensor makes this ball jump, bringing it to life. Your dog can approach the ball with suspicion and jump back in surprise as the toy comes to life. Enjoy hours of chase-the-ball fun with your furry little one.

Learn more about Active Jumping Ball For Dogs here.

3. Leakage-Proof Cat Litter Mat

No stains or spills here. Cleaning up after animal waste is never a fun thing, but there are ways to make the task more bearable. Our Leakage-Proof Cat Litter Mat ensures no kitty is a bad kitty, with a mat design that traps waste and urine in an odor-resistant pocket for a fresher living space for you and your cat. Your cat will relieve itself in peace with our soft polyurethane-rubber construction (no hard plastics or scratchy fibers or fur). Waterproof and scratch-resistant, your pet can answer the call of nature without making a mess or spreading waste around by accident.

Learn more about Leakage-Proof Cat Litter Mat here

4. Dog Puzzle Toy

Try and find the snack or food. Our Interactive Dog Puzzle Toy makes meal time more engaging for your furry little four-legged friend. Multi-shaped puzzle blocks cover bite-sized servings of food for interactive fun that can build cognitive skills in your pet. Constructed of thickened PP thermoplastic, the puzzle pieces and bowl of our puzzle toy are safe for exploratory chewing and licking as your pet embarks on uncovering his or her food. Plus, the bite-sized feeding portion space means your pet can eat slower and more paced to avoid choking or an upset stomach.

Learn more about this product here.

5. Windmill Cat Toy

Cats need fun and attention sometimes. They don’t just lie around all day. Give the gift of interactive engagement, anytime and anywhere with this easy-to-install Windmill Cat Toy. Featuring a spiky center ball made of TPR rubber (it’s perfect for biting) and two spinning globes, this cat toy can keep your kitty entertained for hours. A rubber-suction base makes this toy a fun-anywhere thing. Stick it to tile, glass, plastic, coated wood — any smooth surface — for your cat’s enjoyment.

Learn more about Windmill Cat Toy here.

6. Dancing Fish Catnip Kicker Toy

When you’re too busy with the stresses and demands of daily life to continue jingling bells or throwing tennis balls around to entertain your pet cat, it’s time to find a toy that can entertain your kitty all on its own. One that can do its own tricks (without need of human help or control). Enter our Dancing Fish Catnip Kicker Toy, a plush fish that comes to life to keep your cat intrigued for hours. Thanks to a built-in motion-detecting motor, our fish flops with life-like motion when your cat interacts with it or moves near it (imagine the fear and excitement!). When it’s left alone, the fish will not move — playing dead until your cat approaches it again.

Learn more about Dancing Fish Catnip Kicker Toy here.

7. Teal Non Skid Dog Bowl

After a day full of exploring, your #1 deserves hearty hydration and a bowl full of satisfying sustenance. This super stylish bowl is great for dogs and puppies. It’s the bowl they’d choose to snack, sip, and slurp out of. The bowls hold up to 24 ounces of water, wet food, treats, or anything you want to feed your pet with.

Learn more Teal Non Skid Dog Bowl more

8. Black Vegan Leather Car Seat

Ensure a much more comfortable and safer trip for your pet with this Black Vegan Leather Car Seat Bed made of premium micro plush material to give special care to your best friend.

Learn more about this product here

9. 101 Dachshund’ Dog Collar

The 101 Dachshund dog collar is crafted from the highest quality neoprene material for extra comfort for your pup. Sassy Woof was created out of love for the founder’s two dachshunds, Maya & Winston. Every year, they aim to have a new dachshund collection for all of the dachshund fur parents to enjoy as well! This lovely 101 Dachshunds dog collar features beautiful neutrals with dapple, cream, and black and tan dachshunds!

Learn more about the 101 Dachshund’ Dog Collar here.

10. Tennis Ball Thrower

Save your arm from throwing and your hand from slobber with this small dog tennis ball thrower! Just chuck the ball and watch your dog chase after it and get tired out. A tired pup is a happy pup! The package includes one 1.5″ mini tennis ball and one 13″ orange thrower. The ball in the package is NOT a squeaky one. Measuring 1.5”, this mini tennis ball is perfect for small breed dogs like chihuahuas, pugs, pomeranians, dachshunds – the list goes on!

Learn more about Tennis Ball Thrower here.

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